Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Keane - New Record - And Other New Records of Potential Interest

You can get it here for $2.99 - Great deal!

If you want the "deluxe" edition. You'll have to go to iTunes. The deluxe edition has some extra songs and some videos, etc. You can check that out here - Keane - Perfect Symmetry (Deluxe Version), but for $10 more. Might be worth it. I'm not sure.

Others that might interest you...

Gossip In The Grain
by Ray Lamontagne

Here on Ray LaMontagne - Gossip In the Grain. Here on AmazonMP3.

Songs of Joy & Peace
by Yo-Yo Ma

Here onYo-Yo Ma - Songs of Joy & Peace. Here on AmazonMP3.


amy said...

I heart Keane!

Mighty said...

download keane @ http://popitunes-mighty.blogspot.com/