Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Chalk And The Atheist Professor

Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian ConvictionsThe story is told of an atheist philosophy professor who performed a parlor trick each term to convince his students that there is no God. "Anyone who believes in God is a fool, " he said. "If God existed, he could stop this piece of chalk from hitting the ground and breaking.  Such a simple task to prove he is God, and yet he can't do it." The professor then dropped the chalk and watched it shatter dramatically on the classroom floor.
If you meet anyone who tries this silly trick, take the roof off. Apply the professor's logic in a test of your own existence.  Tell the onlookers you will prove you don't exist.
Have someone take a piece of chalk and hold it above your outstreatched palm.  Explain that if you really exist, you would be able to accomplish the simple task of catching the chalk.  When he drops the chalk, let it fall to the ground and shatter.  Then announce, "I guess this proves I do not exist.  If you believe in me, you're a fool."
Clearly, this chalk trick tells you nothing about God.  The only thing it is capable of showing is that if God does exist, he is not a circus animal who can be teased into jumping through hoops to appease the whim of foolish people.
- Greg Koukl, Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions, p.150, 151


Unknown said...

Greg Koukl just happens to live near me and so I visited his home church just yesterday because he was giving the message (titled “Jesus: Myth, Man or Messiah”). I’ll have to say one thing about him and his ministry… he definitely helps Christians cut through the foolish logic that is so prevalent among those who deny God. He really does help us think – and he’s definitely the expert at stating things in simple and clear ways. My wife isn’t really into “apologetics,” but she enjoyed listening to Greg as well.

aSc said...


How do you determine/find the books that you're going to read in a year?

There is so much written, how do you get a list where hopefully majority will be quality?