Friday, October 29, 2010

Eager, Expectant, and Early

Check this out on how you should approach showing up on Sunday morning.

Eager, Expectant, and Early from Covenant Life Church on Vimeo.

(HT: Doug Wolter)

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Joe Foell said...

Good post (again).

It looks like you've got an extra "Early" there at the top where there should be an "Eager".

My family struggles to get to church on time. It's hard with 5 kids, but I notice that when it's only one parent getting the family to church, we're more likely to be on time than when we're both working on it. Maybe I need to look harder at how that "working together" thing actually works.

I also love the idea of praying before the service. It's a great way to prepare to meet our Lord in worship. Sets up the eager piece.