Wednesday, August 10, 2011

30 Ways to Bless Your Workplace

Guest post: @BradAndrews


As Ed Stetzer has said, it is a theological junk drawer word. If you want to give the illusion that you are an individual or a church that "gets it," just slap "missional" in front of it and you are good. Or so one would think.

Let's try this. Missional church. Missional community. Missional lighting. Well, okay, maybe not missional lighting but you get the idea.

The truth is that, yes, missional finds its impetus in the mission of God or the missio Dei (John 17:18) but missional is not missional without an outworking of the mission of God in orthopraxy. In practice. In real-life, gritty, in-the-trenches operation. No aftereffects, sorry, you're not missional. You may bloviate but it's not authentic or integrous.

The majority of those who make up the priesthood of believers are not vocational ministers. That means the primary sphere that most of the Christians in the world are on mission in is their workplace.

For those of us that have worked outside of the confines of the local church, we know the gap that exists between what people know of our faith and what they do not. Living out our Christianity in the workplace is a difficult endeavor.

Below are 30 ways to bless your workplace (read "engage missionally"). I think these are brilliant. Read them and maybe find one or two that you can enact in the coming weeks to bring the gospel to bear on your primary mission sphere.

Josh Reeves:

...I have compiled 30 ideas for engaging people in your workplace. The workplace is an everyday context where many people spend the majority of their time. It is important for us to know what it looks like to bring gospel intentionality to our jobs. Hopefully this will help spark a few ideas for connecting with and blessing your coworkers.

1. Instead of eating lunch alone, intentionally eat with other co-workers and learn their story.

2. Get to work early so you can spend some time praying for your co-workers and the day ahead.

3. Make it a daily priority to speak or write encouragement when someone does good work.

4. Bring extra snacks when you make your lunch to give away to others.

5. Bring breakfast (donuts, burritos, cereal, etc.) once a month for everyone in your department.

6. Organize a running/walking group in the before or after work.

7. Have your missional community/small group bring lunch to your workplace once a month.

8. Create a regular time to invite coworkers over or out for drinks.

9. Make a list of your co-workers birthdays and find a way to bless everyone on their birthday.

10. Organize and throw office parties as appropriate to your job.

11. Make every effort to avoid gossip in the office. Be a voice of thanksgiving not complaining.

12. Find others that live near you and create a car pool.

13. Offer to throw a shower for a co-worker who is having a baby.

14. Offer to cover for a co-worker who needs off for something.

15. Start a regular lunch out with co-workers (don’t be selective on the invites).

16. Organize a weekly/monthly pot luck to make lunch a bit more exciting.

17. Ask someone who others typically ignore if you can grab them a soda/coffee while you’re out.

18. Be the first person to greet and welcome new people.

19. Make every effort to know the names of co-workers and clients along with their families.

20. Visit coworkers when they are in the hospital.

21. Bring sodas or work appropriate drinks to keep in your break room for coworkers to enjoy. Know what your co-workers like.

22. Go out of your way to talk to your janitors and cleaning people who most people overlook.

23. Find out your co-workers favorite music and make a playlist that includes as much as you can (if suitable for work).

24. Invite your co-workers in to the service projects you are already involved in.

25. Start/join a city league team with your co-workers.

26. Organize a weekly co-working group for local entrepreneurs at a local coffee shop.

27. Start a small business that will bless your community and create space for mission.

28. Work hard to reconcile co-workers who are fighting with one another.

29. Keep small candy, gum, or little snacks around to offer to others during a long day.

30. Lead the charge in organizing others to help co-workers in need.

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