Thursday, June 21, 2012

9 Forgiveness Links

While I wrote Unpacking Forgiveness I discovered (or made available on my blog) helpful links on the subject of forgiveness. Below are 9 forgiveness links that may be worthwhile.

Is Forgiveness Always Right and Required? by Justin Taylor

Slowing Down the Runaway Forgiveness Train: Is there such a thing as too much mercy? by Scot McKnight

As We Forgive Our Debtors a sermon by John Piper

I Faced My Killer Again by Chris Carrier: A Christian shares the Gospel with a man who stabbed him, shot him in the head, and left him for dead. In connection with Chris Carrier's amazing story, see Leonard Pitt's column, God is in the Rain, Not the Thunder

Take the Forgiveness Quiz - You may not agree with all my answers. But surely you will agree that these are questions that need to be raised.

Amish Extend Hand to Family of Schoolhouse Killer

Scott and Janet Willis willing to meet with imprisoned Governor Ryan - Story on my blog of Scott and Janet Willis who lost six children in a fiery mini-van accident due, in part, to corruption in government.

Others on Conditional Forgiveness - A collection of quotes I compiled on the subject of conditional forgiveness.

Chris Brauns is the Pastor of The Red Brick Church and the author of Unpacking Forgiveness and When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search. You can follow him on Twitter @ChrisBrauns.

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