Monday, November 17, 2008

This is An Amazing Story

Serbian Abortionist Who Aborted 48,000 Babies Becomes Pro-Life Activist

(HT: Challies)


Christopher Lake said...

Wow. I'm crying after reading this. Beautiful and moving. I'm a Reformed Christian who was once Catholic, and who would, honestly, never go back to the Catholic Church. I have serious Biblical problems with the official teaching of the Church on justification and other issues. However, I praise God fervently that He allowed this (former) abortion doctor to have those convicting dreams of Thomas Aquinas! That *is* amazing!

Christopher Lake said...

Addendum: I was responding on the basis of my old "Catholic" understanding of Aquinas as a Catholic saint. Do the Orthodox hold him to be a saint too?

I considered joining the Orthodox Church, in the past, before coming to an understanding of Reformational Christianity, but I was troubled by how the Orthodox Church seems to downplay (although not deny, from what I know) God's wrath against sin and Christ's substitutionary atonement-- which the Bible decidedly does not downplay.

Having said that, I do hope and pray, sincerely, that this doctor has met, and come to know, Christ in a saving way. God certainly is doing amazing work in, and through, his life.