Thursday, June 10, 2010

Parents of Young Kids, You Should Probably Watch This

One simple way to push back on this...  Limit TV watching or don't have a TV at all. 



Unknown said...

I didn't even bother clicking Play, when the screen-grab spoke volumes on its own:

A woman wearing a white dress whose neckline plunged BELOW HER HALF-EXPOSED BREASTS...with Disney mouse-ears in the lower left corner.

They're not kid-friendly. They're Cinemax for preteens.

Ben Pennington said...

This video is worldliness in a nutshell; godless, all about me; I deserve it, and this is the vehicle by which they suck us in.

Tony said...

good. i believe protecting my kiddos' childhood--the childhood experience--is one of my greatest tasks as a parent. thanks for the word!

Jennifer said...

Yup, we got rid of cable TV when it became too expensive for our budget. We could bundle it with the internet now for much less, but we've found that we spend more time as a family actually talking and DOING things without a TV going all the time. The children DO get to watch movies sometimes, and the way they zone out affirms our decision to keep TV out of our home. My parents tell me my 2 year old nephew whines for the TV to be turned on. Another good reason for my children to not be allowed to watch.

Gabriel Rodriguez said...

How do we as "Christian parents" handle this kid consumerism from a biblical and theological perspective? How do we teach our kids biblical contentment? How much is enough?