Monday, August 23, 2010

A Home For Every Orphan

Dan Cruver:
In my last post I mentioned the movement for adoption happening in the Ukraine and Russia. Let me introduce you to more of the story. What is happening here blows me away! Don’t miss the video below.
A Home for Every Orphan is a partnership between ten Ukrainian, Russian and American Christian orphancare organizations who are spearheading a nationally led initiative supporting adoption and foster care by believers within their own countries. To give you perspective, the Ukraine and Russia, share over 4 million orphans.
Through this initiative, in the last 2 years over 1000 orphans have been placed in Ukrainian and Russian Christian homes! Glory to God!


Christie M said...

Wonderful WONDERFUL news! This is truly an answer to prayer!
We are American parents of 2 Ukrainian girls, adopted from Kharkiv region. Praise the Lord that the Church is moving in this direction!

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

We are the adoptive parents of a Russian daughter from the Khabarovsk region. So happy to see any and all efforts to help children be adopted by their own countries because while international adoption is good, local is best! ;-)

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