Sunday, September 19, 2010

We Killed Our Youth Group

I know this is not a new thought by Levi but I see it probably becoming more mainstream in the future.

We Killed The Youth Group from Levi Lusko on Vimeo.

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Kencarlisle said...

My contention, although I do agree with you, is that a high percentage of the ones coming to church after college and wanting to come back to the youth group service are doing so because the adult services of those churches are, well, kinda lame. I think "killing the youth group" will work in your case because your focus will be on the vibrant population of the church being the leaders. So in a sense, your services will have the feel of youth services...or a better way to put it...the services will be alive...this is a good thing.

Ryan s. said...

You're not really killing youth group, just reorganizing it and holding it on Monday nights in small group settings. So maybe the idea really isn't killing youth group, but restructuring it to where students are more part of the church. There is benefit to having students together, but we do get in trouble when we glorify ministries and not the Lord in the church. This is why students stop coming to churches after college-- they don't have a "ministry" to be part of, and they weren't taught that they are part of the church. Thanks for thinking through this, and for implementing this change in your church to try and fix this problem, but I'm not sure the solution has the "shock value" that title of the video has.

Pastor Kim said...

This is not killing anything lol What a farce. You're just refrying beans! Why not be honest and instead of all the hype which treats the youth as kids instead of adults why not talk about changing or doing a reno-job on youth group. Your slick salesmanship will back-fire. Everyone sees through it.

stephy said...