Thursday, March 31, 2011

Battling Pornography

Closing the Window: Steps to Living Porn FreeWalt Mueller writes about Tim Chester's new book, Closing the Window: Steps to Living Porn Free.  Mueller writes:
Chester offers up five key ingredients that must be present and in place for someone to win the battle with pornography.

1. An abhorrence of porn. You have to hate porn itself (not just the shame it brings), and long for change.

2. You must adore God. Why? Because we can be confident that He offers more than porn.

3. You must be assured of God's grace. You are loved by God and are right with Go through faith in the work of Jesus.

4. You must avoid temptation. Be committed to do all you in your power to avoid temptation, starting with the controls on your computer.

5. You must be accountable to others. You need a community of Christians who are holding you accountable and supporting you in your struggle.

Tim Chester never claims it's easy. This isn't a "take these five steps and everything will be just fine" treatment. No, life is messy. And Tim Chester is writing about a messy battle. It's a battle we must understand, engage in, and fight with long-suffering intensity.

Our culture is changing and changing fast. If you think it's pornified now, just wait.

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Andrew Faris said...

Highly recommended. I read it recently and really enjoyed it a lot. I found it helpful in my own struggles and helpful for counseling others.

Andrew Faris
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