Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some Questions to Ask Before You Contribute to the Next Online Controversy

Timothy Dalrymple has a helpful post here. He suggests that before we crank out that heated blog post or FB rant in response to this or that swirling around on the internet we should ask some questions. They are:

  • Am I responding to a controversy or creating one?
  • Have I fully digested and assessed this issue?
  • Do I really have anything important to add to the conversation?
  • Assess your motives.
  • Remember the power of compassion.

Click over to read his explanations of each point.

I would add:

1.  Have you solicited feedback on your piece from someone who is willing to not be a "yes man"?
2.  Are you saying anything unique?
3.  Have you given enough time to let the issue settle a bit?  Time oftentimes brings perspective.
4.  Have you considered the hypothetical objector and answered their concerns?
5.  Have you written in such a way that it would read well out loud with the person sitting in front of you that you are seeking to address?  Is it charitable?

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the sife said...

The world wants and deserves my opinions. I can't deny the people what they yearn for.