Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Covenant Seminary Sites

If you are into theology (if you are a Christian you are by default whether you know if or not) then you might want to check out this new wealth of resources from Covenant Seminary.

Sean Michael Lucas:
Today, we launched three new websites in place of our previous websites. We know have a new Covenant Seminary-specific website with new faculty pages; a redone "Worldwide Classroom" site (that replaces our Covenant Worldwide site); and a new Living Christ360 website, which is the media ministry of the Seminary with daily broadcasts and devotionals from Bryan Chapell. Obviously with any new website, we have some kinks to work out; still, they are wonderful upgrade over what we had previously.


CPCC Pastor said...

Whoa, Zach! I stopped at this post thinking there was an online seminary built around the "New Covenant" view of the law! Yikes. Then I calmly started reading about ... something else. Perhaps you can modify your title to avoid traumatizing some of us? EG: covenant seminary New Sites. (I suppose its no big deal, even perhaps good for laugh, but you never know.) dave bissett, NY

Anonymous said...