Friday, February 15, 2008

Like Van Til, Only Better


That is Covenant Seminary Professor, Dr. Sean Michael Lucas’ view of Tim Keller’s new book . Here is what Dr. Lucas says:

I had to smile in recognition to the apologetic methodology–moving on to the unbeliever’s turf in order to show the inconsistencies of their own worldview and then demonstrating that only a Christian worldview can make sense of any thing. It was just like Van Til.

…Only without the confusing terminology. And a whole heap more readable. And winsome. And literate. And interesting. And, well, better. I’m looking forward to finishing the book over the weekend.

Click Here for Rest of Dr. Lucas’s view

(HT: Carlos)

Greg, the youth pastor as our church is a HUGE Van Til fan. Dorks out on the guy. He even has a "Cornelius Van Til is my homeboy" shirt that he had made. Anyway, our college pastor, Carlos, who I stole the above post from, thinks Keller is better. Here was Greg's response from our group blog. Only theology dorks will find this funny. I found it extremely funny:

That’s it Carlos, you bring Keller and I’ll bring the dutch…its on.

Then again, Keller would bring out his whole NY army of thugs, but then again, the dutch would bring all of Michigan.

Then again, Keller would bring Guliani…and the dutch would bring Bavinck (with Ben D to help translate) and it would be a stale mate.

Bottom line, read them both.

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Christopher Lake said...

Hilarious stuff from Greg! As a fellow Van Til fan, I'm looking forward to Keller's book. I personally like Francis Schaeffer's brand of modified presuppositional apologetics. Much of the church in America still has not caught up to Schaeffer's thought, or focused only on parts of it, to the detriment of the whole. Schaeffer engaged "secular culture" in a way that recognized and appreciated God's common grace at work in it, but yet was still carefully discerning and thoughtful. He has helped me greatly in learning that *all* of life has to do with God and one's worldview-- not just obviously "spiritual things."