Monday, June 16, 2008

Heirs with Christ: The Glorious Doctrine of Adoption

Recently we had a guest preacher at our church, Mark Lincoln from Los Alamos, NM. He gave a very powerful message called, "Heirs with Christ: The Glorious Doctrine of Adoption".

Mark taught us about the Christian doctrine of Adoption by drawing upon examples from his experience of adopting children into his own family. We have been discussing adoption a bit on this blog and in other blogs that I read and I think Mark's message contributes quite well to the discussion. I commend it to you highly. Burn a disc or put it on your iPod and listen in the car!

You can listen or download the message here.

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Tim said...

Thanks for making this available. I listened to it tonight and it is profitable. In fact it will help me continue to teach on this topic at church (we are currently going through a series on adoption in Sunday School). I'm delighted that two churches here in Albuquerque are thinking along the same lines at the same time.