Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sad News from Australia

I few days ago I did a post about the new Hillsong recording. In passing I mentioned the song, "Healer". The short of it is that the author of the song has terminal cancer and then wrote this powerful song about God being his Healer.

Sadly, it turns out he was lying about the whole thing. 300,000 youtube hits later, with thousands of people inspired, it was all a fake. He does not have cancer.

We need to pray for this man and his real healing from some very serious sin issues in his life.

I was just listening to a White Horse Inn Podcast this morning and they reminded the listeners that our hope is not in a subjective experience tied to a mortal man, but to the historical and factual message of Jesus' death and resurrection that is unchanged in the face of man's subjective experiences.

I pray that the people who listen to the new Hillsong record and all those in Australia who have been impacted by this man's ministry will have put more hope in the historical facts of the gospel and not the personal experience produced by this man.


About Janice said...

So his claim that he just sat down at the piano after hearing his diagnosis and this song came out is also untrue. I don't believe claims such as that should ever lend credence to a song, sermon, etc. I hope this will lead the elect to greater discernment and reliance on the written word of God. Love your blog, Z!

joanna said...

Thank you for your prayers for us here in Australia. There will be a lot of shocked, hurt and confused people people right now. This guy was much loved here. So many people i know (myself included) have been touched by his ministry before or after the alleged illness. Lots of people have spent significant amounts of time praying for him over the last 2 years.

I'm praying that God will bring good out of this, rather than the nasty fallout you'd expect. Please keep praying.