Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oprah and Eckhart

Melinda at STR.org writes a helpful article dealing with Oprah and her promotion of Eckhart Tolle. If you have unbelieving friends (shouldn't we all?) then I would assume much of what Melinda deals with in her post would be a great help.


amy said...

Ugh...Oprah and this Eckhart make me sick. I'm actually worried about CHRISTIANS I have heard give testamony on her show or website about how this has helped THEM. I'm also worried about unbelievers falling for this feel good religiosity.

the sife said...

"I'm also worried about unbelievers falling for this feel good religiosity."

- I just wanted to make sure people saw it.

amy said...

What is your problem with me, sife...I guess you're really threatened by me. You don't even know me OR my heart...

the sife said...

I don't have to know you or "your heart". I read your posts.

My problem with your posts can be summarized as:

1. Of the four candidates on the two major tickets, you indicated that Sarah Palin was the only on who agreed with your position on abortion, yet, you then proceeded to call her a 'moron,' and declare, inexplicably, that you're voting for the other ticket.

2. You're voting for Barack Obama, and have the audacity to claim that others are falling for "feel good religiosity".

These are not the positions of someone who is either (a) informed or (b) thoughtful.

I don't care about your motivations. I'm sure they're pure. But the path to hell, as the old saying goes is paved with 'good intentions.'

I only know that you're terribly uninformed about the candidates, this election, and public policy. So yes, I've got a problem with that because sadly, your vote counts as much as mine.

you know who said...

blah, blah, blah...thanks for judging me to hell. and, yeah! my vote DOES count as much as yours!

the sife said...

Again, I fear that you are having trouble understanding otherwise simple concepts. It's a proverbial idiom, not a "judgment to hell."

And to my list, I apparently have to add your tendency to respond to criticism of your stated opinions with "blah blah blah".

Christopher Lake said...


Do you think it was a sin for you to call Sarah Palin, a sister in Christ, a moron on this blog? I mentioned this being a clear sin at the time, and you didn't reply. You did reaffirm, in another thread, that you think she is a moron. How is such talk about a *sister in Christ* glorifying to God (not that the word should necessarily be used in reference to anyone)?