Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Learning To Be Thankful

This clip made me laugh out loud a couple times, but also provided a great great Gospel reminder. He is appealing to a non-Christian audience, but in light of the Gospel, how much more should we as Christians NOT be the kind of people he is describing?

(HT: Todd Rhoades)


Pat Hastings said...

So funny but still insightful! I'm not sure ever before I've laughed while being convicted at the same time.

Christopher Lake said...

Brilliant, hilarious, and convicting. As Christians, we *always* get better than we deserve-- given that, in our sin, we deserve *Hell*! In that light, may we (including here in the comfortable West) be a thankful, non-complaining people!

Who is this guy? I would like to hear more from him!

Suzanne of newjersey said...

I am in a psychology class, was researching on vitamins and learning, and visited your site. I am greatful for the lift I got watching the video clip. May God bless you, and I thank-you for lifting my spirit.