Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ten Reasons Why it is Wrong to Take the Life of Unborn Children

John Piper:

1. God commanded, "Thou shalt not murder" (Exodus 20:13).

2. The destruction of conceived human life — whether embryonic, fetal, or viable — is an assault on the unique person-forming work of God.

3. Aborting unborn humans falls under the repeated Biblical ban against "shedding innocent blood."

4. The Bible frequently expresses the high priority God puts on the protection and provision and vindication of the weakest and most helpless and most victimized members of the community.

5. By judging difficult and even tragic human life as a worse evil than taking life, abortionists contradict the widespread Biblical teaching that God loves to show his gracious power through suffering and not just by helping people avoid suffering.

6. It is a sin of presumption to justify abortion by taking comfort in the fact that all these little children will go to heaven or even be given full adult life in the resurrection.

7. The Bible commands us to rescue our neighbor who is being unjustly led away to death.

8. Aborting unborn children falls under Jesus' rebuke of those who spurned children as inconvenient and unworthy of the Savior's attention.

9. It is the right of God the Maker to give and to take human life. It is not our individual right to make this choice.

10. Finally, saving faith in Jesus Christ brings forgiveness of sins and cleansing of conscience and help through life and hope for eternity. Surrounded by such omnipotent love, every follower of Jesus is free from the greed and fear that might lure a person to forsake these truths in order to gain money or avoid reproach.

Read the how he expounds on all these.


Anonymous said...

Points 5 and 6 are especially crucial for Christians to soberly consider, because so many Christians seem to be confused about them. A life filled with physical (and possibly, emotional) suffering that ends by the person going to be with God in eternity is *infinitely better* than an unborn child being aborted for reasons of "mercy" and then possibly spending an eternity in Hell.

Our "mercy," when it involves abortion, is *NOT God's mercy*-- which means that it is not "merciful" at all. God can redeem earthly suffering. God can bring a suffering child to a saving faith in Him and a reconciled relationship with Him. God can comfort a believer in the midst of deep suffering.

However, *if* an aborted baby goes to Hell, there is *no* redemption for that baby. I don't see Scripture as being crystal-clear on this subject, but the fact that there is even an "if" to consider on this subject means that we should *always* side with life and *never* with abortion-- including voting in a way that promotes the continuing legality of abortion (such as voting for Barack Obama).

Anonymous said...

If that last sentence wasn't sufficiently clear, voting for Barack Obama *is* voting for the continuing legality of abortion (murder of unborn human persons).

Voting for Obama is also voting for the *expanding* of abortion on demand-- as this reality is clearly seen on Obama's voting record on this issue. He is *radical* on this issue-- radical on greater access to unborn person murder on demand. It's a simple, chilling fact.