Monday, December 01, 2008

The Zach Nielsen Trio

All those of you who like jazz might be interested in hearing my jazz trio playing a couple tunes.

This is video that I shot last night in my living room. These pieces are part of my final Master's project for my MA in theological studies from Covenant Seminary. I am doing a presentation on what the church can learn from the jazz combo. My claim is that there are many points of intersection between the jazz combo and healthy ecclesiology.

The first video is a bit sketchy. It has some skips, but you can get a sense for what we are doing.
In this first one we are playing a song called, "Beautiful Love".

This second piece is a funkalicious version of Thelonius Monk's, "Straight, No Chaser". I think you'll dig it.


Seth Ward said...

very nice, brother!

Mark and Maki said...

I be digging.

Anonymous said...

You have a fan in south Georgia. Very nice!

Christopher Lake said...

Hey, where are the vocals? Just kidding! :-) I love jazz, and since I've never been able to see you guys play live, this is a great treat! Thanks!

Janice said...

I hope you get this comment, sorry to post it so long after your initial posting of
Anyhoo, I was reminded today of this:
and immediately thought of your thesis. The pianist, Bill Edgar, narrates the story of how the Gospel is told through the history of jazz as he and an ensemble play. I haven't heard it, but I have a connection to one of the guys at the Chesterton House and believe it would be well worth your checking into.

Janice said...

By the way, I loved these snippets!

Anonymous said...

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