Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Clayton's Story

This is powerful. It will be worth the six minutes of your time. A good dose of perspective. If you want to watch it on a larger screen, click here.

(HT: Kyle)


Brian Current said...

he spoke at our church in december, if anyone is interested in more than 6 min:

what an amazing example.

Christopher Lake said...

Preoccupations with relative trivialities (such as iPods) aside, eternity must be *overwhelmingly real* to us, if this life is not to overwhelm us.

There can be (and is, for some people) so much suffering in this finite life that only knowing an infinite God is sufficient to deal with the suffering and still thrive.

Eternity *can be* overwhelmingly real in this life. The apostle Paul, Saint Augustine, Jonathan Edwards, Amy Carmichael, John Piper, Clayton, and others prove it.

Eternity was overwhelmingly real to them (and is, for Piper), because *God* was overwhelmingly real to them. Simply put, they saw more of God *as He is* than many of us do. They saw more of His beauty, His sovereignty, His power, His mercy, and His justice than we often do.

May we plead for God's grace, and *follow hard after Him,* to be able to *deeply* see the same wonderful attributes of God's nature and character-- attributes which are *sustaining* to redeemed sinners in a fallen world, and which give us *joy* until God takes us Home for eternal, unfettered joy!

Christopher Lake said...

One other thought-- I wonder if Clayton's understanding and experience of God were more intense, *because* of the "compression" and suffering of his short life? I must admit, I envy his clarity of vision (a holy envy, I hope). It will be great to meet him in Heaven (but infinitely greater to meet God in Person)!

I LOVE YOU said...


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