Friday, May 08, 2009

Video Worth Contemplating

Scott Sterner:
Before you watch this video posted on iMonk I want to say that one of my pet peaves is when missiologists try to shock people into action. In many ways, the purpose behind this video is just that. The dark music and dismal tone only increases an unwarranted panic in the hearts of Christians. Your motivation to serve God in global mission should always be your desire to see the fame and worship of God reach every nation, not your fear of cultural domination.

All this to say that the statistics in this video are difficult to argue against and somewhat alarming. The global cultural landscape is quickly shifting and as followers of Jesus we should be aware and ready.


Mark and Maki said...

Amen to everything you (or Scott) said. Aware, ready and acting on what we know... for the glory of God's Name - He is sovereign.
For me this was a kick in the pants just to love kids - we need them!

Mark S said...

I guess I don't understand why the appeal is made to French, English, American and other national culture in contrast to Islamic presence, in what turns out to be a call to Christian mission. Are the people making this video suggesting, as the Muslims tend to, that because it is Western, it is necessarily Christian (even nominally)?