Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Matt Chandler - Acts 29 Houston Boot Camp

Matt gave a us a quick whirlwind tour through the storyline of the Bible to show us that God is up to something really really big. God has a plan of "reconciling all things to himself" (Col. 1:19-20) that has been going on for thousands of years.

He did all this to show that we might not be that important. In our country we have a culture of pastoral rock stars and many of us look to it and thus have an inflated view of ourselves that says, "Hey, I am going to be the next John Piper!" He reminded us that we might not be the "next" anything. He told us that based on God's plan, if his plane goes down tomorrow from Houston to Dallas, the kingdom will continue to march on. It has for thousands of years and will continue until God decides for Jesus to return to make all things right.

He said, "See yourself in the confines of what God is doing lest you put on a superman cape and think that he “needs” you." I found that to be a very good reminder for me as one who is heading to a new place to start a new church.

His simple exhortation was to be faithful. Just be faithful. Moses was faithful. Anyone want his job description? He had to hang out with an unfaithful people for 40 years in the desert, just waiting for them to die so God could allow the next generation into the Promised Land. Moses was faithful, but it wasn't glamorous. He got to see the Promised Land, but didn't get to enter. Yet, he was faithful. Just be faithful today, and then the next day, and then the next day, and then the next day.

So quit looking around to everyone else around you and run the race that God has given YOU. Humble yourself, ask hard questions about yourself, seek out Godly men to help give you direction.

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