Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby Zoowon - A Great New Orphan Ministry! (Plug it and you could win some classic commentaries)

So my really good friends, Bryan and Sherry Lopez, have just launched a really cool new ministry called Baby Zoowon. Here is what Baby Zoowon is all about:

Our Mission: Baby Zoowon is committed to orphan care. For each blanket purchased Baby Zoowon will donate a blanket to a child in need. Baby Zoowon also donates a portion of every sale to help families with the overwhelming cost of adoption.

Our Story: Baby Zoowon was created by a stay at home mom. While raising three children and in the process of adopting from Ethopia it became increasingly obvious that there is an incredible need. With 4.6 million orphans in Ethiopia alone making a difference seemed impossible. Owner Sherry Lopez realized that this is not a "one person job," but with your help, Baby Zoowon will make a difference in the life of a child - one purchase at a time.

Baby Zoo-what? The Lopez family is currently in the processes of adoption from Ethiopia. Zoowon is the Amharic word for Elephant. We all know that an elephant never forgets so we thought it's the perfect animal to represent us remembering those that have been forgotten.

Why baby blankets? “Research and experience have shown that a favorite blanket can be a soothing and comforting transitional object as children face changes early in life and can actually help them develop emotionally,” said Judith Jerald, MSW and Early Childhood Advisor to Save the Children’s U.S. Programs. “Children born into poverty often face a higher level of stress and more anxiety-producing situations than those from more affluent families, making their trusted blanket all the more important.

Here is the cool thing for all you theology nerds with blogs/Facebook/Twitter. If you promote their new ministry, you can have a chance to win Calvin's commentaries on the whole Bible. Bryan writes on this blog on how you can win:

All you have to do is repost this post and email me at bryan[at]bryanlopez.com with a link OR become our friend on Facebook, recommend some friends then email me.

I can speak from personal experience that Bryan and Sherry are the real deal. I would greatly encourage you to consider their new ministry. Orphan care is a crushing need in the world today. This is one way you can take a small part in seeing God's kingdom come.

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