Friday, March 12, 2010

Interview with Bob Kauflin

Why do we sing so much about the cross? Shouldn’t we be singing about other things?
I don’t assume that every church sings a lot about the cross and what was accomplished there. But they should. The substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the cross is the means by which can know we’re forgiven and reconciled to God. We wouldn’t even be worshipping God if Jesus hadn’t endured God’s wrath against our sin and purchased us for His Father’s glory (Rev. 5:9-10). Jesus’ death on the cross is also our means of access to God. (Heb. 10:19-22; Eph. 2:18).

Singing about the cross is also an effective way of preaching the gospel to ourselves. His atoning death addresses issues like condemnation, guilt, feeling distant from God, suffering, and a host of other things we can struggle with. Of course, an emphasis on the cross neither minimizes the need for Trinitarian worship (Eph. 3:18), or celebrating the risen Savior. But it’s significant that the hosts of heaven in Revelation never seem to get over worshipping Jesus as the Lamb who was slain. Should we?
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