Monday, August 02, 2010

One Way To Encourage Your Pastor

Brian Croft:

It is a good question to ask, since the more common discussion (rightfully so) is, “How can your pastor minister to you?”  Well, for church members who appreciate your pastor and are wondering how you can regularly minister to him in a meaningful way–here it is:
Send an email every Monday morning to both he and his wife and ask them how you can specifically pray for them this week.
Simple.  Doable.  But make no mistake, very meaningful!  How do I know this?  Because 6 months ago (after pastoring my church for 6.5 years) one of our members felt led by God to take this task upon herself to pray for me and my family regularly.  She has been faithful to do so, even while out-of-town.  She sends my wife and I an email every Monday grateful for the previous Lord’s Day, then asks how she can be specifically praying for us both.  Fewer things have made my wife and I feel so cared for and ministered to than this lady’s efforts. 
You might be surprised how infrequent the pastor has someone approach him and inquire how they can pray for him.   Though there are many ways you can minister to you pastor, this is one that any church member can do with a little discipline, planning, and consistency. 
Therefore, I challenge you to email your pastor this Monday.  Thank him for his labor in the word and the sweet fellowship of the saints the day before he facilitated.  Then ask for specific things from both he and his wife to pray for this next week.  Trust me.   You will bless, encourage, and minister to your pastor and his wife in ways you cannot imagine. 
However, when the requests come back to you…make sure you are faithful to pray.

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