Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cheap eBook Alert

Interesting offer from Michael Hyatt, especially for leaders and business people.

First you have to buy the book and then check out all the other stuff you can get by watching the video.

Q: How does this bonus offer work?
A: Between May 21 and end of day on May 25, simply order a copy (or copies) of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World from any retail store (online or physical store) and email a copy of your receipt to gifts@michaelhyatt.com. After we receive your receipt we will reply with an email for you to confirm your email address. Once you have confirmed your email address then you will receive another email with a link and your special password to instantly access the Platform bonus resources.

Q: Do I still get the bonuses if I buy the Kindle version?
A: Yes. You can purchase either the hardcover, the Kindle or other electronic versions (Nook, iBooks, etc).

Q: How will I access my bonuses?
A: Once your email is confirmed, you will receive instant access to a page where you can watch videos, download resources, etc.

Q: What if I live in Canada, the UK or somewhere else outside of the United States?
A: No problem, same deal and process applies. You can purchase the book from any primary retailer such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Location doesn’t matter.

Q: What if I purchase multiple copies for friends and want to give them access to the bonuses?
A: Great! The more copies you care to purchase, the better! If you purchase copies for a friend, simply forward a copy of your purchase receipt to them and have them email it (using their email address) to gifts@michaelhyatt.com. They can note that it was a gift from a friend within the email as well.

Q: Does the bonus offer really end on May 25?
A: Yes. You have from May 21 through end of day on May 25 to purchase copies of the book in order to receive access to this bonus offer. After May 25 the offer ends, forever. You can still purchase books after May 25, there will just not be the same accompanying bonus offer.

Q: How long do I have to actually access my bonuses?
A: While you must purchase the book between May 21 and May 25 to get in on the bonus offer, you can access your bonuses any time. Your special download page will be available to you any time you wish to access it, during and after the promotion.

Q: Will there be additional resources coming on how to build or expand a platform?
A: Yes. We’re working on several ideas and will share those soon!

Q: What if I don’t get my email confirmation?
A: Once you send your purchase receipt to gifts@michaelhyatt.com you should receive your confirmation email within 5 minutes. After you have confirmed your email then you should receive your bonus gifts access link email shortly thereafter. If you do not receive these emails, please check your spam folder. If you do not see it in your spam folder, let us know by emailing michael@michaelhyatt.com and a member of our team will help you.

Q: What if I have an additional question not addressed here?
A: Email it to michael@michaelhyatt.com (please include “Platform Bonus Question” in the subject line)

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