Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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More than Desire: Hope for Women in the Shadows of Pornography
Author(s): Ashley Weis
Price: $0.99

Every woman I have ever met has been burned by the desire to be good enough. And I’ve met many, many women who struggle to believe they are beautiful because their husband’s or boyfriend’s pornography addiction. After I discovered my husband’s pornography addiction, I blogged about the healing process we went through together. I was stunned by the number of women who contacted me, struggling to find their worth in the aftermath of porn crashing through the door of their marriages.

The porn industry is a billion dollar industry. It’s everywhere. And it’s affecting marriages across the globe. I thought I would have found helpful, relevant resources to aid me in healing from the damage porn caused to our marriage, but most resources said the same things over and over: “Don’t look to men for validation; look to God.” I knew that, but I wanted something deeper, something that reached into the heart of the woman healing from the pain of her husband’s porn addiction.

In More than Desire: Hope for Women in the Shadows of Pornography, I dig deeper to help women discover why their husband’s porn struggle hurts so much, how porn destroys lives, and how they can actually find hope and healing for their own hearts and their relationships.

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