Tuesday, May 15, 2012

D-Wade and Laying Down The Pride

Competition. Always a competition. Even between these two, the most talented teammates in the NBA, it's never OK to be second best.

Frankly, that's what much of the world thought their experience as teammates would be, two players with seemingly limitless potential trying to match each other on the floor, neither one willing to accept the Scottie Pippen role. Just a couple of Jordans trying to make it work. And for the most part, throughout Year 1 together, it was exactly that. They weren't trying to one-up each other, but the Jordan approach was all they knew, so they stuck to it, even if they said it wasn't intentional.

And then, just like that, it wasn't anymore.

It was early January, just a couple of weeks into this rushed and compact NBA season, as Wade was nursing a foot injury and watching James dominate without him, that the oldest member of the Super Friends decided he didn't have to be that super -- at least not by statistical standards.

Wade knew the "let's take turns dominating" approach got them within two wins of an NBA title. But what he saw from the bench in the early part of the season, he thought, was even better.

LeBron looked like the two-time MVP he was in Cleveland. Only, frighteningly enough, even more efficient.

It was 32 points, nine assists and seven rebounds against New Jersey. Then 33, 10 and five against the Spurs. And 31, eight and eight against the Lakers. And there were more just like that. If LeBron could do that while dominating the ball, Wade thought, why exactly is it necessary for him to get equal touches?

There wasn't a good answer.

So Wade gave in. He fought off his ego and decided he'd take the supporting role in this potential blockbuster flick.
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Anonymous said...

That was great Z. I know it is not the same but it is similar to when wives step back and let the husbands lead. That is a lesson I learned last year with my husband. I finally stopped trying to control the finances and wouldn't you know it, we actually started having money in the bank all the time! It was a hard lesson to learn but one that has blessed our family greatly since.

Thank you for posting so many great things that bless your readers. You site is one I check the most. The things I learn help make me a better wife and mother.

Ouida Gabriel