Thursday, May 31, 2012

Democrats Shoot Down Ban on Sex-Selection in Abortion
Democrats in the House of Representatives prevented passage of a bill that would ban sex-selection abortions. The legislation needed a two-thirds vote and Democrats voted overwhelmingly against the legislation after President Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood came out in opposition.

With a 246-168 vote, the bill did not obtain the two-thirds majority necessary to pass. Republicans voted for the bill on a 226-7 margin while Democrats opposed banning sex-selection abortions on 161-20 vote margin.

The bill would make it a federal offense to knowingly do any one of the following four things: (1) perform an abortion, at any time in pregnancy, “knowing that such abortion is sought based on the sex or gender of the child”; (2) use “force or threat of force. . . for the purpose of coercing a sex-selection abortion”; (3) solicit or accept funds to perform a sex-selection abortion; or (4) transport a woman into the U.S. or across state lines for this purpose.
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Now take a second and watch this:


Corey said...

I can't bring myself to watch this video. My wife and I about to have our first, a girl. Which with tears, I am so thankful to the Lord for the blessing of her. I can't imagine what goes on in a person to do what's in the video. My heart breaks for those unborn, and for those who so desperately wish for the blessing of a child but are unable to have one. The Lord works in mysterious ways, yet we can be sure that He will receive the glory due his name. My hope is in Him. What else is there in this fallen, messed-up, broken world to hope in?


Steve said...

The anti-life crowd must protect their sacrament at all costs.

the sife said...

I wonder if Christians will be seduced again this election year by the superficial 'Hope and Change' or if they'll recognize that it was a complete ruse and they were used.

Anonymous said...

What does being Christian have to do with it?