Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jesus Calls All of Us To Deny Our Natural Inclinations

Jared Wilson:
I remember walking into an adult bookstore for the first time. (This was before high speed internet connections were common and you could get the crack delivered to your home in 5 seconds or less.) I wanted to be there; and yet I didn’t. I was trembling inside and a little bit outside. I’m not sure exactly how to describe it. I was driven there by a compulsion — to see things I shouldn’t see, to get things I shouldn’t have, to know things I shouldn’t know. There are sections inside an adult video store; I hope you didn’t know that. Some repulsed me. Can you imagine that? Walking around a porno store and avoiding the “gross” stuff? As if it wasn’t all disgusting? I knew I should not have been there but I wanted to be. Everything inside of me said it was wrong, and everything inside of me said it would be okay. Just push through, get what you want, and get out.

Before you become numb to this battle and stop fighting it you must go through it. Was I in that store by my orientation? Absolutely. Was I in that store by my choice? Yes.
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This is a very important perspective to consider especially as you interact with Christians who have same sex desires.  I may not know what it feels like to be called to surrender my natural desires to homosexual activity but I do know what it feels like to surrender in hundreds of other areas of my life that Jesus wants to be Lord over.

May we encourage, weep, fight, and experience victory on the road to Calvary TOGETHER.

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