Thursday, May 03, 2012

Keeping the Job Simple

Bill Kynes:
So how do we keep deepening our understanding of the gospel? One way is to find opportunities to engage in evangelism. Sharing the gospel with unbelievers sharpens our own appreciation of its goodness, truth, and beauty.

And without question, we must be readers. But make sure that the first book you read, over and over again, is the Bible. Let its words soak into your soul. Enter into the world it displays---a world in which God acts in creation, judgment, redemption, and consummation to fulfill his gracious purpose in the gospel. Then read devotional literature by writers who feed your soul as well as your mind. Then read theological and biblical works that sharpen your understanding. Then read other books---good fiction, science, sociology, history, politics---all of which can broader our understanding of the world into which the gospel is preached as the ultimate answer to all life's questions.
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