Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Sometimes Going To Church Feels More Like Going To Mordor

Stephen Altrogge:
Let’s face it folks: sometimes it ain’t easy going to church. Church can be really messy, sticky, frustrating business sometimes.

There’s that friend of yours who has really been ticking you off lately. He keeps making comments on your Facebook wall that are so irritating! And if you go to church you’re going to have to see him in person! There is no “unfriend” function in real life.

Then there’s that needy guy who always hijacks you for twenty minutes, preventing you from talking to anyone else. He’s always talking about how hard his life is! Talk about a downer!

And sometimes the worship just isn’t that great. It’s like, how many times can you sing a chorus? Move on to the next song already! The sermons are pretty decent, but you wish that they could be a little more practical. A little more interesting. A little more like Matt Chandler’s sermons.

All of us have had thoughts like these when we go to church. It would be easier to stay home, listen to some worship songs on Pandora, and download a podcast of Mark Dever’s latest sermon.
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Steve Martin said...

My pastor often says that church is God's idea of a good time (not necessarliy ours).