Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Colbert Delivers the Zinger - "Something Comes From Nothing?"

Be sure to watch to the end. This is fascinating on a number of levels. (RSS will have to click through to view.)

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DaddyG said...

I love Colbert. The guy is so smart, which only makes him that much funnier.

Question: Why is it that scientists like this can't even get out a sentence without disproving themselves? Why can an off-the-cuff comedian disprove them in a matter of seconds using their own logic?

My favorite part was when he said that the universe is proving to be more fascinating now than we could have ever imagined 50 years ago. Isn't this statement, in itself, pointing towards a wonderful Creator? In other words, the more we learn, the more it's obvious that God put everything in motion. So, this statement will still be true in 50 years about our knowledge today. And yet, what he's saying, in essence, is that what science told them 50 years ago wasn't really all that accurate. Couldn't the same be said for what he's trying to put forward today? 50 years from now (if he lives till then), even he will probably look back at this interview and say it wasn't accurate at all - because it will have been proven wrong, and scientists will have had to make up some new theory to take it's place. So, he's putting all his faith in something that will probably be proven false one day on this earth, and will for certain be proven false in the end.

Why fight it? Sin. Romans 1:18-20. He (and all other scientists like him) knows God is true, but they sinfully suppress it. And the replacement beliefs just get crazier and crazier so they can have something to cling to and explain the universe to themselves apart from having to admit that there's a creator. It pains me to think about it. In truth, we are all sinful in this way - though maybe not directly related to our views on creation. But we all suppress God in some way for the sake of our own self-centered-ness.

Nick Allen said...

Hysterical and poignant. "If there is no God. God is nothing, then can't something come from Him?" Amazing.

Adam Ford said...

This is so good. I watched the Krauss video everyone was talking about a couple weeks back about "A Universe From Nothing". As a former atheist, mind you. I came away really struck by the faith these people put into semantics. He gave this long, contrived explanation of many things and quickly burped out something about how he thinks that the universe is flat and thus, nothingness is unstable and thus, over time it would ebb and flow and something would pop into existence.

The buzz-phrase of this atheist go-round is "quantum mechanics".

Mike Lynch said...

From the Instutue for Creation Research: http://www.icr.org/article/6901/

Brian said...

Zing is right. The folly of atheism is that their god is nothingness. Atheism proposes that we came from nothing and when we die, to nothing we return. In 'life' (animation, I guess) we simply 'make do' with the stuff that is here for no reason. Against our will, we are subject to entropy and ultimately Death. Death is the most powerful force in the universe. It is impartial, total and unstoppable. How do we know these things? Science. Alpha: Nothing. Omega: Nothing. Nothing is atheism's Father. Science, the revelation of the Father, is atheism's Son. Hopelessness with Death on the throne is atheism's Holy Spirit. It is from this mindset that atheist's need to be freed. Life is stronger than death because it is sourced in the Eternal One whose name is Love.