Thursday, June 07, 2012

Rick Reilly Spouts Some Wisdom on Lebron

The money quote:
In playoff games, LeBron has taken 13 final shots in tight games in regulation and hit five of them to win or tie. Kobe has taken twice that and hit only seven. Can we all just take a Xanax?
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Pete Scribner said...

Really? While I concede that Lebron is probably the most talented basketball player on earth right now, and agree that much of the criticism of him is overblown, this fact remains undeniable: he (with the help of Nike) has brought much of it on himself. Tattooing "Chosen 1" across one's back and taking part in an ad campaign that proclaims "We are all witnesses..." tends to raise the levels of expectation a bit.

Los said...

He goes by King James, he had "the decision", he left his hometown team to go play with his all star buddies instead of beating them.

He has allowed himself to be the "Air" apparent, so the level of comparison for him is MJ, fair or not.

Had he stayed in Cleveland and led them to the Finals (as he did before) the country would be cheering for him. But he took his ball and talents to South Beach. Champions don't do that, legends don't do that.

LeBron brought this on himself and I hope to see the Celtics win, if not then Durant and the Thunder dominate them/him.

Vitamin Z said...

Nothing like some good ole Christian grace!

Los said...


I want the dude to meet Jesus, that has nothing to do with this. I am not condemning his soul.

But LeBron is a signpost of much that is wrong with sports today. Instead of loyalty to a team, hard work and perseverance to win a championship he bolts and then gloats about multiply championships being won with his all-star buddies.

Had he been in Cleveland in game 7 against the Celtics I am sure many would be saying "Now is LeBron's time". But he decided to try a shortcut, so excuse us for putting an asterisk by his name and any rings he may win and for not being overly excited as we were for Jordan, Duncan, Magic, Bird, Pierce, and Dirk who stuck with their team, built a legacy and hung a banner, heck even Wade did that, and I hope to see Durant do the same this year.

Vitamin Z said...

I never said you were condemning his soul. I don't think that is the issue at all.

Just might want to mix in some compassion amidst the heated anti-Lebron rhetoric.


I feel you. Just need to watch my heart. My inner Pharisee is always right around the corner.