Monday, June 18, 2012

The Travel Diary of a Macbook Air

Are you continually amazed by our opportunities for global outreach? Remember: a local church is not a local church. We live in an amazing day . . . Getting a new computer from China should remind us to dream about proclaiming the Gospel around the world. Christians should be every bit as shrewd as Apple.

To the right is a picture of my daughter Allie opening her high school graduation present: a bouncing baby Macbook Air.

Her Macbook Air is less than a week old, but it already has a story to tell.

After much debate, we decided to order a 13" with 8 gb of RAM. The RAM is significant because this meant a special configuration which comes from China.

So Allie's computer was born last week in China and then, as the Fed Ex tracking statement proves, it set out to see the world. It made its way:
  • Across a lot of water from Shanghai to Anchorage on June 15 and got younger for the journey since it was outpacing the sun.
  • Speaking English by this time, from Anchorage it breezed south to Memphis, TN arriving on June 17.
  • After enjoying Southern cooking, from Memphis, it made a lazy drive to Chicago arriving at midnight June 18.
  • The crew was hopping in Chicago and her Macbook Air was delivered to a local facility in Rockford, IL by early this morning.
  • By around 10:00 AM it welcomed at our residence in balmy Stillman Valley, IL.
Allie is taking a couple of community college classes in the morning, so she didn't use her new computer for Facebook until around 1:00 PM. But I texted her in class to let her know the good news.

For her part, Allie thought it should have been here sooner. But who could have dreamed of a day when we could special order a computer from China and receive it in under a week?

And how can we better multiply our talents given all the opportunities in the world today? Is it not true that the people of the world are more shrewd than the people of light?

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