Saturday, June 09, 2012

Why We Love To Hate LeBron

Former NBA player and Penn State standout, Joe Crispin writes persuasively here.
Of course, I know there are ‘haters’ our there – folks who literally find a twisted delight in watching another fail. But that is just warped. And those folks usually are pretty negative and miserable. At the very least, they are not the kind of folks I want to watch a game with. Real joy is found when we give thanks for the gifts of another and genuinely desire good for them as they utilize their gifts for the good of all. When it comes to basketball, good basketball is good service to us all.

And this is where we come to the biggest reason why we criticize LeBron (or to be more particular, the way he plays the game). Not the only reason, but the biggest reason. Here it is:

We criticize LeBron not because we see his weaknesses clearly and judge them as we ought, but because we feel like he is holding back on us, not giving his every effort to reach his full basketball potential and, therefore, robbing us of joy.

Did you get that? Honestly, I think that’s it. Deep down, it’s the biggest reason why so many folks are critical of LeBron. Our criticism is rooted in our self-centeredness. Our concern is not really for LeBron and the way he plays the game. Our concern is for us and what we want to see.
Read the rest. It has great application for watching sports to the glory of God.

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