Friday, June 22, 2012

Why Your Leadership Must Be "Social"

Guest Post by Tim Dunn

The world we live in is flattening.  The internet in general and social media specifically make us more connected than any generation in history.

At times I feel like this new reality puts us in rhythms that are not authentic and in a mode of reaction to the next post, tweet or status that enslaves us.

Other times I am hopeful that these new mediums provide redemptive opportunities.

I understand this reality isn't going away.  Our world is forever changed, is going to continue to change, and will change more and more quickly.

So how do we relate, interact and lead? What is our stewardship and responsibility in this time and space that God has sovereignly placed us in?

The following article gives some insight to get you thinking...

It’s imperative that you are “social” in your leadership and influence today. A new reality exists, and as leaders we have to be not only aware of this, but also willing to jump in and embrace a new reality of Social engagement like never before.

Here are a few thoughts on Social Leadership...

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