Friday, July 27, 2012

Lessons Learned in Transitioning a Church Plant

Josh Blunt:
I still believe in church planting. I would simply advise planters to start with an ordinary means of grace model. This requires the strong support of a healthy, likeminded mother congregation throughout a slower, more labor-intensive maturation process. It takes an intentional commitment to abandon fads and gimmicks, to hold fast to the Bible in both content and methodology. And it takes a willingness to do the painstaking work of patient contextualization, continually discerning the fine line between inspired innovations and unbiblical shortcuts. Christ promises to build his Church; if he promises to do the work, why would we trust our methodology over his? Why would we employ novelties of the last two decades instead of methods that succeeded for the last two millennia? I suggest we make simple the new sexy, and ordinary the new extraordinary.

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