Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thinking, Creativity, and Learning

Barnabas Piper:
On a recent airing of the TED Radio Hour Sir Ken Robinson, an author and brilliant thinker on all things related to creativity and education, had this to say:
“Well, creativity is probably the most fundamental set of capacities that distinguishes us as human beings. And from it flows a whole range of practical capacities that we call creativity.

“… in schools … the whole emphasis is on the one right answer; where imaginative thinking is actively discouraged … conformity affectively stifles creative thinking in every field.

“… if you’re promoting an education where there’s only one right answer … that’s hardly a good climate for cultivating the powers of creativity and innovation.”
Robinson’s comments are striking, salient, and not just because they pin the American education style to the wall. They are striking because they reflect so much truth about God and His church.
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