Monday, July 23, 2012

This is the Right Thing To Do

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Sharpy said...

I don't disagree that this was the right thing to do, but I feel like people are missing something. If the main reason for taking it down was because a "hero" or significant person had a major moral failure (unquestionably he did); why do we still have statues of Thomas Jefferson all over our country & in particular in D.C?

Could we not say that slavery is/was morally reprehensible? How about impregnating a slave, possibly by rape (not sure we can prove that) but for sure not due to a loving, consensual relationship (most likely some power dynamic where he forced himself upon her)? Or take his tearing up the Bible to fit his own personal beliefs (morally reprehensible to Christians, probably not to anyone else). I don't see what these things don't tarnish Jefferson's reputation & standing any more than Paterno's. Am I missing something? Why is Paterno's actions more morally reprehensible than Jefferson's?

Why does Jefferson (I'm sure others could be brought forward) get a pass? Just because he's a quasi-god figure for Americans?

I say, let's take down all the Jefferson statues throughout America if we're tearing down things because someone's past glories are tarnished by revealed sins.