Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Concerns Keep People From Sharing the Gospel? Are These Valid?

Jonathan Dodson:
The reasons our gospel is unbelievable go even deeper. The gospel is easily dismissed, not only because of our misdirected motives, but also because of the self-righteous manner of our communication---preachy, dogmatic, intolerant, impersonal, and shallow. Indeed, sharing the righteousness of Christ (justification by faith) in a self-righteous manner (justification by self) contradicts the gospel itself. It is simply self-defeating. People interpret the gospel by how we say things, not just what we say. So, yes, these concerns are valid. They create gospel interference that must be cleared away through repentance and recovery of a better, more believable evangelism.

It isn't enough to critique self-righteous evangelism, however. We must reconstruct a biblically faithful, culturally sensitive, and personally meaningful way of sharing the gospel. In Unbelievable Gospel, I propose we use Gospel Metaphors.
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