Tuesday, July 03, 2012

What is GospelResourceNetwork.com?

Bob Thune:
It’s basically an “app store” for gospel-centered Christian resources. It makes high-quality, downloadable, PDF-format resources available at a fraction of the cost of traditional print resources.

Working in a gospel-centered, missionally-minded, church-planting church, we were frustrated by the lack of gospel-driven resources for “everyday” church ministry. Major publishers do a good job of cranking out book-length publications… but where do you go to find a gospel-centered premarital counseling resource? Or an elder training workbook? Or a financial stewardship study? Our solution was to start writing them ourselves.

The people in our church liked them. Other churches and leaders started asking for them. And we began to meet other pastors who were also writing their own resources. We decided to create a website where we could gather quality, ministry-tested resources and market them broadly and inexpensively. And so began the Gospel Resource Network.

GRN has three aims:

  • To offer well-written, visually appealing, gospel-centered print resources
  • To make these resources available to local churches and ministries in an easily downloadable, transferable, and adaptable format
  • To use a web-based publishing strategy that allows us to offer our material at a fraction of the cost of traditional print resources

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