Thursday, August 02, 2012

All Beliefs Are Fundamentally Religious

Dave Dorr with a wise word here.  It has good application as well to current cultural discussions regarding sexuality, etc. He writes:
That means that you can’t marginalize any one view because it is informed by scriptures, and you shouldn’t feel like you are on a different footing if your view is informed by scriptures. You are both talking about PRIMARY BELIEFS.

And the only good way I know to help people see their view is fundamentally a religious belief is asking, “Why?”

‘Why is your view the best view about marriage? Where do you get that from?’ ‘Why should it be preferred over mine?’ ‘Other cultures don’t do it that way, so why is your view better than theirs?’

Defend your view, but it is just as much a belief as any doctrine of scripture. We all hold to beliefs that are not scientific facts, but still can be TRUE. (Even if you don’t believe that statement, you live as if you do. Ex. try to prove scientifically that human beings have unalienable rights.You can’t. But you probably hold that to be TRUE).

This then would help us all get back on the same boat for a civil dialogue: defending the merits of a view, because we are all talking beliefs. But that takes understanding. And that, it seems, is not going to get better any time soon.
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