Monday, August 27, 2012

The Dangerous Sin of Grumbling

B.J. Stockman:
It’s easy to ignore pervasive “normal” sins like grumbling and fixate on more occasional “shocking” sins like that sexual sin that held you years ago. But don’t be deceived: a murmuring mouth is particularly grieving to God because it reveals discontent in God. Psalm 106 says that one of the reasons God made the people of Israel “fall in the wilderness” was because they “murmured in their tents” (v. 25, 26). This has serious consequences. In the following, I summarize and add to Burroughs’ section on “The Evils of a Murmuring Spirit” and offer seven evils of a grumbling, murmuring, and complaining heart within the Christian.
Read the rest for his seven points.

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Steve Martin said...

I happen to be an expert at grumbling.

I'm working on my doctorate in grumbling, as we speak, and I'm not to happy about it.