Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Amazing Creativity and Persistence in Unexpected Places

This video is beautiful on so many levels.  It will be well worth your 10 minutes.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why is this considered a great piece? I'm not trying to mean or dimwitted, I just don't get why what seems to me to be very oppressive and sad is creative & worth my time to watch?

Unknown said...

I have to ask how is this piece "sad" and "very oppressive"?

I enjoyed this piece on many levels. First, I thought it was filmed well and the music enhanced the overall visual aspect of the film.

I was captivated by Augustin and his persistence in the face of difficulty. The physical limitations he has and the mockery he endures would cause most of us to despair and give up, but not Augustin. The incredible achievement of a "un-learned" man creating a form of a helicopter from junk and spare parts. In one sense I see his helicopter as art.

To me there are lessons in life we can and should learn from Augustin. Dream big. Pursue your dream. Limitations will come, but you can persevere.

And I see a kind of metaphor for the church or maybe our own spiritual life and God. Augustin mentioned he could tell you what every part of his helicopter was there for (essentially, why it was needed or important for the helicopter). Those parts were crafted by him for a specific purpose. Well, maybe we are God's helicopters in a sense. The specific events in our lives happen because God is shaping us this suit his specific purpose. Maybe we are the parts formed and then connected together to form the church. Or on an individual level events in our lives happen and connect together to form the essence of us (the helicopter). It is a bit of a stretch I grant you, but I think it could been seen metaphorically like that.