Wednesday, September 19, 2012

They Can't All Be True
I saw this poster on a Facebook friend's profile on Sunday and thought it was a very clever variation on the "Coexist" bumper sticker. So I reposted it on STR's Facebook page, and immediately people "liked" it and reposted it. Soon after, people commented under the post that they were getting a vehement reaction to their reposting that it was hateful, dogmatic, unkind. I was actually stunned that people saw it as controversial because, after all, it's simply a point of logic. 
I guess it shows how deeply ingrained the modern notion of religious pluralism is - all religions are equally value and "true" (as in "true for you" relativism). As one of my Facebook friends humorously commented, I didn't realize the law of non-contradiction was a controversial Christian doctrine.
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I imagine the visceral reaction would be due to the impression that one wasn't in favor of "coexisting".  It's not about logic.  It's about emotions.

Of course we should be able to coexist and embrace the law of non-contradiction at the same time.

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Andy Wrasman said...

I designed this Contradict logo with my friend Danny Martiniez last summer. The video I made to explain its message begins by saying exactly what you wrote - "co-exist" should also embrace the Law of Non-Contradiction.

Check out the video and more at Bumper stickers are 2 for $5.