Monday, September 24, 2012

This Ordinary Adventure - A Review

When I think of people who have lived on the edge of adventure, a select number of people come to mind.  Add to the list my good friends, Adam and Chrissy Jeske.  They just wrote a book about some of their crazy adventures (motorcycling across Africa, enduring malaria for nine months in Nicaragua, coming to terms with the horror of HIV, etc) and how to live a more "settled" life without settling.

This Ordinary Adventure is a fun, yet challenging book.  It's a delightful read that will make you laugh, inspire you, and cause you to question some of your North American cultural assumptions.

My favorite part of This Ordinary Adventure would be seeing two people wrestle with what it means to follow Jesus amidst all the trappings of white, middle class, educated, and "ordinary" society.  If you find yourself in one or all of those categories and you don't wrestle with this, you might be simply living on auto-pilot.  This book will help you interact with that wrestling process and infuse more intentionality into your life.

I would recommend checking out This Ordinary Adventure: Settling Down without Settling.

Here is the website for the book.

Here is Adam and Chrissy's new blog on Patheos.

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