Thursday, September 27, 2012

We Are Never "Ready"

Chris Castaldo:
There are days when the struggle feels too difficult. Yes, I believe in the promise of Philippians 1:6, but sometimes the burden feels unbearably heavy. It's the feeling I had, for instance, when my boy with hemophilia initially learned how to ride a bicycle. If you've ever trained a child to ride a bike, you know one thing: the process is full of falling. But falling isn't a viable option when your blood doesn't clot. So I ran behind my son's bike with arms outstretched for an hour, up and down the sidewalk, ready to throw my body onto the pavement as a cushion to break his fall. 
Walking home that afternoon, I looked at my boy. Yes, he had fallen, and my lunges were too late, but thankfully the damage was minimal. As I looked down on my son holding my hand, my thoughts naturally went upward to the Father in heaven. I wondered. What is God's posture? What are his thoughts toward us? The old missionary from Africa came to mind. I imagined God saying: Keep pedaling, son, despite your fears. I know all the bumps in the road, and, although you falter and even wipe out, my grace surrounds you to the end.
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