Friday, October 05, 2012

Antidote To Anxiety = Creation

Josh Blount:
Anxiety drains the life from your soul. It’s spiritual death by blood loss: a slow, steady drain on your vitality and passion and joy. It ends with helplessness and hopelessness. How do we fight it? How do we stop the bleeding so that our souls don’t shrivel and shrink under anxiety’s constant squeeze?

While God has given us numerous remedies for the malady of worry, there’s one we often might forget: the created world. All around us, every day of our lives, there is overflowing evidence that God rules his world and rules it well. Creation quietly and constantly reveals the power and wisdom of God. Consider the seasons: The colors of fall are an art display on a grander scale that uses a more glorious palette than any human art exhibit – and God pulls it off year after year without a single hitch.
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