Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fiction Feed Souls

N.D. Wilson:
Feed your children stories that will keep their eyes wide with wonder when they look out their front windows or wander their yards. Feed them stories of joy and hardship and courage and tragedy and triumph. Give them heroes, real and imagined. Give them a taste for goodness, for truth, for beauty.

Yes, I’m prejudiced. I write fiction (yay, verily, even fantasy). But I’m not trying to provide the mechanical children of a mechanical universe with a much needed (false) daydream. I work to imitate this world; I hunt through the jungles of history and mythology looking for spices; I dig through the stories of the prophets looking for meat. I hope to write the fantasy of here, for the future heroes of here. I do what I can, hoping to feed souls.
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My kids are currently devouring Harry Potter.  We are also reading the Lord of the Rings (we greatly love the Alan Lee version) out loud at night before bed.  Both of these would be great Christmas gifts.

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